Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine


Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine is considered Preventive Medicine. It is a new branch of medicine focusing on promoting health and well-being and preventing  Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and Cancers. In Thailand, it is known as “Anti-aging Medicine.” It promotes the use of cell therapy, hormones and vitamins as the means of treatment.

Cell therapy is a therapy in which viable cells are injected into a patient in order to stimulate the cells’ function. This way, the weak cells of the target organ are restored. The cells within the body become resistant to viral infection and are able to repair and restore themselves. This results in good health and younger looking skins. Patients become younger and stay healthy for a long time.

Peripheral Blood Stem Cells or PBSCs

PBSCs are blood-forming stem cells found in the bloodstream. Normally, there are not many PBSCs in the circulatory system. However, their number can be enhanced to a large amount. It is also found that the amount of circulating stem cells is crucial to our health. People with the appropriate numbers of circulating stem cells are healthier than the patients with coronary heart disease who has an unusually low numbers of stem cells.

Growth factor is a naturally occurring substance found in every kind of living things. It is capable of stimulating cell proliferation, growth, and development. Growth factor is crucial to every living creature’s life. Nowadays, growth factor extracted from the placenta is used in Anti-aging Medicine.