NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) Immune Therapy

Natural killer cells or NK Cells

are a type of white blood cells and a component of innate immune system within our body. Their roles are to protect our body from dangerous foreign cells such as virus or bacterial-infected cells and cancer cells by fighting against and destroying them. There are reports that NK cells’ ability to kill cancer cells is 100 times more effective than other types of lymphocytes. However, aging and other factors such as stress, insomnia, unhealthy diet, and smoking are known to destroy NK cells.
Therefore, taking a blood test for NK cell count and NK cell activity is crucial because it helps evaluate our risk for infection and cancer.

Measuring the NK cell count helps determine our risk for cancer and determine whether the patients are healthy enough to undergo radiation therapy. Patients with low NK cell count is more at risk for cancer than those with normal NK cell count. However, even patients with normal NK cell count can have low NK cell activity and are also at risk for cancer.
However, even if the results of the NK cell count and activity are low, there are still other natural ways to fix these problems: changing our lifestyles; taking sufficient rest; exercising; eating foods that help increase our NK cells such as foods that contain beta carotene, vitamin C and E; and taking supplementary foods that stimulate the immune system.

At present, there is an advanced technology known as NK Booster. Blood that contains NK cells is cultured in the laboratory to increase the number and performance of NK cells and is transferred back into the body. This process helps boost the immune system to fight with cancer within a short period of time.

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